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In the beginning the gods created the bags.

Camille : - I'm a parisian writer, crazy of fashion and bag's addict. I have so much that I can not get into my room.When I discover the Rajiv's bags, they were so perfect that I was in shock of beauty. I had to understand the source of this nomadic aesthetics. Rajiv how come you an idea of bag ? Rajiv : - One fine day while buying a bag for myself, I observed that all the brands were making similar looking Bags. only the difference was branding and price point. There was nothing unique , and in case of Mens Bags the Choice was Very limited, making it further difficult to buy a product which was unique.    Whenever i came...

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Trunk Call Talkies Calls Out

Trunk Call Talkies Calls Out When you hear the name “ Trunk Call Talkies “ – you pause. And you think. And then you think again as to what’s this about? Today’s generation would have to be explicitly made to understand as to what exactly a trunk call was about. And then what’s talkies got to do with it? It’s the unexpectedly quirky and edgy brand name of a dream belonging to founder- entrepreneur Rajiv Arora that’s beginning to make its presence felt amongst a select group of discerning consumers. Rajiv’s credentials are impeccable. A graduate of NIFT – Class of 2001, he established himself in the business of product development and manufacturing with collections crafted for the world’s biggest...

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