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  • By Rajiv Arora

When you hear the name “ Trunk Call Talkies “ – you pause. And you think.

And then you think again as to what’s this about?

Today’s generation would have to be explicitly made to understand as to what exactly a trunk call was about. And then what've talkies got to do with it?

It’s the unexpectedly quirky and edgy brand name of a dream belonging to founder- entrepreneurRajiv Arora that’s beginning to make its presence felt amongst a select group of discerning consumers.

Rajiv’s credentials are impeccable. A graduate of NIFT – Class of 2001, he established himself in the business of product development and manufacturing with collections crafted for the world’s biggest fashion brands – Brooks Brothers, Chaps, Ralph Lauren, Next, Mango and more..in the world of export. He then moved into the domestic market – when he joined ITC Wills Lifestyle and worked across all aspects of the business – manufacturing, production, buying, retail, and service.

Realising that his portfolio of capabilities and experience across womenswear and menswear in both national and international markets was valuable, comprehensive and unique, Rajiv felt the need to be challenged and take himself to the next level of personal and professional growth. He strongly felt the need to create a product that would reflect his design aesthetic and yet have its own niche in his ideal consumer’s lifestyle and space.
Rajiv’s keen eye spotted a gap in the market in the space of hand-crafted men’s accessories and he decided to begin work on a collection of bags in 2011. Perfectionist that he is – Rajiv was not satisfied with the way his first collection turned out and he actually scrapped it completely! Working with his learnings on his next collection – his work made the cut for him personally. Yet – he still felt something was missing. It was only with the launch of his 2014 collection – “Days of the Raj“ that Rajiv was truly satisfied with his work.

Over a long and interesting chat, Rajiv shares as to what made him choose “Trunk Call Talkies“ as his brand name – “I am a lover of vintage and antique stuff. It is my inspiration – and things like manually wound-up clocks, old-style radios, old-fashioned oil lamps – delight me. These things have discipline and love as part of their character “

For Rajiv, the brand “Trunk-Call Talkies” represents the aesthetics and sensibilities of a non-automated. He explains his thinking behind the design of the charming brand logo – “Our Brand Emblem or the “Telephone Dial ” represents a time when Handwritten Letters, Post Offices, Telephone Booths, and Radios were part of people’s lives reflecting ” Time in Abundance “.

The brand is reminiscent of times gone by, when people didn’t change things because they were old or broken, they fixed it with love.” In sync with his inspiration from times past, his design sensibilities and his extreme focus on product quality and finish – his products are handcrafted with a lot of patience, love, and care, and consequently become a part of their owner’s identity.

The 2014 collection “Days of the Raj “is truly a labor of intense passion – in a limited edition collection. With evocative product names such as Wellington, Cawnpore, Jaisalmer and the belief that mass production leads to loss of the aesthetic value and exclusivity – the collection of fifteen luxurious styles has been warmly welcomed by the discerning clientele. Inspired by the perforated pattern on the brogue shoe, the collection is a classic bespoke, but one that is geared up to work with today’s lifestyles with ease. The story behind the collection is intriguing as it is closely woven with one of man’s greatest passions: travel. Starting from the original concept sketches to the design, colors, detailing, lining and trims and finally to the name given to each design. Each piece tells a story of journeys undertaken as it is created under Rajiv’s watchful eye, so much so that he develops an attachment to each piece he crafts – as he would want its rightful owner to also develop that sense of connecting with the product.

So for those who seek to possess a quietly classic yet stylish, bespoke piece from the Days of the Raj collection that reflects your taste and style sensibilities – look no further.

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