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In the beginning the gods created the bags.

  • By Rajiv Arora

Camille: - I'm a Parisian writer, crazy about fashion and bag's addict. I have so much that I can not get into my room. When I discover the Rajiv's bags, they were so perfect that I was in shock of beauty. I had to understand the source of this nomadic aesthetics. Rajiv how come you an idea of the bag?
Rajiv: - One fine day while buying a bag for myself, I observed that all the brands were making similar looking Bags. only the difference was branding and price point. There was nothing unique, and in the case of Mens Bags, the Choice was Very limited, making it further difficult to buy a product which was unique. 
Whenever I came across a good bag, I use to tell myself  "It's a Good Bag, But Its Not Me".
It was then when I realized that there is a scarcity of good bags in the market which establish an immediate connection with you, bags you can relate too.

I thought of making a bag for myself, that's how the idea of making bags Started.

What are your sources of inspiration?
- I am a lover of Vintage & Antiques, Old Vintage stuff inspires me, for example Handwritten Letters, Manual Winding Clocks, Radios, Oil Lamps etc.
The above things have discipline & love as part of their character. For Example, if you do not wind the clock on time, it would stop. If you do not think and write you might spoil the letter or need to write a new letter. 

Anything, where continuous human effort is required to keep it going, inspires me.

How long between the first idea to the final realization?

- I started off my quest for making bags in 2011 and my first Collection came out in 2012 but it was not as per expectations, my next collection got ready in 2013 It was better but still something was missing, then in 2014 my collection " Days Of The Raj" was closest to what I conceptualised was completed.

What is the ideal bag for you? Which functions should respond? What is the role of aesthetics over functionality?

- An Ideal bag for me is which accommodates, all my belongings my smartphone, my Wallet, My Note Book, Sunglasses, Pen, Documents, Chequebook, House Keys, But has a Vintage Soul to it, in terms of looks and feel. When I carry the bag with me, it should be an extension of my body, it should not appear as a separate entity.
How did you find ideas for your denière collection?
- My Last Collection was inspired by Perforation Design on " Brogue Shoe", I used these perforation design for my bags aesthetics character.

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